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ISS/TfP attends the Breaking Barriers to inclusion and participation in peacebuilding evaluation co-design workshop
6 Dec 2016

Monitoring and Evaluation are integral components of peacebuilding programming and implementation; as such ISS/TFP participated in the DME for Peace workshop on more inclusive evaluation. It took place in Cape Town South Africa from 6-9 December 2016.  The first day of the workshop was a seminar to define and discuss the concepts of participation and inclusion. Moreover, discussions were focused on what exactly a bottom-up approach to evaluation is and how beneficiaries of a project are approached when evaluating. Discussions were also on the everyday peace indicators, whereby communities should be able to define what they consider to be peace and how they measure it.

The workshop guided participants through a series of interactive, design thinking exercises in order to find different approaches and solutions to ensure greater participation and inclusion in the design, utilisation and evaluations of peacebuilding or post conflict projects. The workshop brought together African and international peacebuilding practitioners that included funders, programmers, academics and evaluators to develop concept canvasses (concept notes) for more inclusive evaluation.


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