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Fourth Police Strategic Support Group (PSSG) Task Team Meeting
11 Dec 2015
PSSG2 The Police Strategic Support Group (PSSG) conducted its fourth, and final technical Task Team Meeting for 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 19-21 November 2015. The purpose of this meeting was to develop and finalise the Guidelines and Administrative Arrangements for the African Union Police (AUPOL) Formed Police Units (FPU) on assignment with Peace Support Operations (PSOs), and to complete a final review of the PSSG Framework and Policy. The Task Team at the fourth PSSG Task Team Meeting consisted of a number of Police experts from Kenya and Nigeria (both countries with longstanding FPU experience); a former and a serving Police Commissioner (PC) from the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM); two Police Directorate (POD) Police on African experts; Head of AU peace support operations division PSOD Police component; GIZ Police Advisor to the AU; Dr Ann Livingstone the PSSG coordinator and Annette Leijenaar. The third PSSG Task Team Meeting developed the guidelines and SOP for Individually Deployed Police Officers (IPOs) which are currently going through final editing. Earlier task team meetings developed the framework and policy for the AUPOL currently under review at the AU Office for Legal Affairs. PSSG2 The current AUPOL Guidelines and Administrative Arrangements will ensure that there is clarity in the management of AU Policing from the strategic to the tactical level. The final impact will be that Police are well represented and prepared in PSO decision-making meeting in all AU PSO decision-making bodies. It will further ensure that the AUPOL has the tools to manage its resources at African Union Head Quarters and Field levels. The Guidelines also seek to improve the preparedness of AUPOLs in PSOs or special operations to execute their mandated tasks based on common guidelines and standards. Going forward, the work of the PSSG will culminate in a meeting with the African Chiefs of Police (ACOP), the PSSG, and the African Union Police (AfriPol) to take place in Algiers from 13-14 December 2015. Mr. Sivuyile Bam (Head AU PSOD) and ACP Crowd Chirenje (Head AU Police Component) will meet with the ACOP to present the AUPOL Policy developed by the PSSG for their consideration and final approval. The PSSG also developed numerous other guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which can only be submitted for final approval once the AUPOL Policy has been approved. The next PSSG meeting is tentatively planned for February 2016.

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