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Excellent working relationship between Norwegian Police Directorate and ISS
2 Jun 2014
United Nations Protection of Civilians (UNPOC) Malawi
  The Norwegian Police Directorate (POD) and the ISS have since February 2014 established an effective cooperative relationship through training course development workshops and the delivery of United Nations Protection of Civilians (UNPOC) and Mid-Level Management (MLM) courses. The recent MLM United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and UNPOC Malawi course deliveries were no exception. POD's focal point, Bjorne Haraide, continues to provide admirable coordination support for ISS’s training courses, which includes facilitating instructor support from the Danish and Swedish Police Services together with the Norwegian Police. The positive and professional support of the POD and trainers are a critical success factor in the effective course delivery, utility of the training provided, and the excellent feedback received from training course participants. The POD is a supporting partner to the Training for Peace (TfP) Program. POD works with the TfP partners to enhance capacity-building for Peace Support Operations (PSO) within the Peace and Security Architecture of the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN). As a supporting partner, the Norwegian Police focus on more than the specific number of trained African Police Officers for PSOs. The Norwegian Police focus on trainer capacity and competence, and on police policy advice to the partners. Norwegian Police officers serve as supplemtary and supportive role players to African trainers and concentrate on advice and mentorship when needed. In order to support the ISS TfP program training activities, POD coordinates the availability and participation of Police Officers from the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Police Services. These officers participate with ISS staff and consultants in course content design and innovative training and teaching methodolgies which have translated into meaningful feedback and real results in the work of training participants in their work. To date, POD police officers have made a critical and supportive difference at the following ISS development workshops and training courses (see pictures below):
  • UNMISS UNPOL Mid-Level Management (MLM) Pilot Course in Juba, South Sudan 10 – 14 February 2014. The Pilot MLM       course was supported by Norwegian Chief Inspector Fredrik Thompson, and Danish Superintendent Merete Norring.
  • Curriculum development workshop for completion and final review of MLM course, and the development of the MLM ToT, and the redesign of the UNPOC course material for upcoming UNPOC courses (24 February – 7 March 201). This workshop was supported by Norwegian Chief Inspector Oscar Lilleaas, and Danish Inspector Flemming Due Nielsen.
  • UNPOC Ethiopia Pre-deployment course (10 – 21 March 2014). The course was supported by Inspector Oscar Lilleaas and Inspector Magnar Silseth for Norway, Inspector Flemming Due Nielsen, and Inspector Vanda Dahlbom from Sweden.
  • MLM Development Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa (1 – 4 April 2014).
  • MLM Course, Juba, South Sudan (7 – 12 April 2014). The development workshop and the course was supported by Norwegian Superintendent Jan Aaandal and Danish Superintendent Bjarne Askholm.
  • Development workshop for UNPOC Malawi in Pretoria, South Africa
  • UNPOC Malawi (28 April – 9 May 2014). The development workshop and course was supported by Superintendent Lars Stamnes and Superintendent Inger Grete Lia Stålesen from Norway, and Superintendent Flemming Kim Pedersen Konstantinidis and Detective Inspector Arne Woythal from Denmark.

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